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 Stream TV v4.1 لمشاهة 1400 قناة فضائية

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Stream TV v4.1 لمشاهة 1400 قناة فضائية Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: Stream TV v4.1 لمشاهة 1400 قناة فضائية   Stream TV v4.1 لمشاهة 1400 قناة فضائية Icon_minitimeالثلاثاء سبتمبر 11, 2007 10:39 pm

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[color:3187=darkblue:3187]Stream TV v4.1 | Windows | 5.86

Stream TV v4.1 لمشاهة 1400 قناة فضائية Streamtv6

he much anticipated Stream TV version 4.0 is now released. Now more than 1400 completely free live and pre-recorded TV channels are available for fast streaming.
You do not need a TV card because the TV channels are streamed thru Internet connection. Stream TV provides you with the most popular TV channels from around the globe from the German 3-Sat to DW-TV and English channels such as BBC News and C-Span. FIFA World Cup football (soccer), Formula One racing programs are already in full swing on many of both English and non-English channels. Download this program in a blink of an eye and watch these many 24/7 high quality channels today.

Many channels now broadcast continuous Formula 1 and FIFA World Cup coverage.

Watch TV channels right from your PC using your Internet connection. This program has many features such as Full Screen mode, ability to be linked to a remote control device, easily movable window for more convenient viewing experience. Many channels now broadcast continuous Formula 1 coverage, USPGA, US Open, and many other live sporting events from around the globe. Some channels include the ITV - UK, ESPN - US, RIO - Italy, N-TV - Germany, All Music - Italy, C-Span 1-3 - US, Fashion - UK, N-TV - Germany, IRIB 1-5 - Iran, 10+ Russian channels, 15+ Italian channels, 20+ UK channels, 30+ US channels, 5+ Swedish channels, 20+ German channels, 5+ Dutch channels, 10+ French channels, 15+ Turkish channels, 5+ Arabic channels, 20+ Sport channels, 25+ News channels, 30+ Movie channels, and porn channels.

New Features:
* Ability to pause/resume live TV
* Filter channels by country
* Crystal clear display window
* Other enhancements

Features from the previous version:
* Automatic PC shutdown
* 24/7 porn channel
* Ability to rescale the window
* Mouse wheel enabled for scrolling
* Ability to modify favorites more easily
* Automatic playback of a channel
* More advanced engine
* And many more...

Compatible Operating Systems List
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003 Server Edition
* Windows 2000
* Windows ME
* Windows 98
* Windows 95

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Stream TV v4.1 لمشاهة 1400 قناة فضائية
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